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Eve escort am not sure if this idea has been suggested, but this would make for a grand idea that would open rve a lot more options for players. Lets say you have a freighter.

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Lets say there is a bunch of gankers ready to intercept you. You have a group of players eve escort escort you, like a fleet follow mode, they enter warp only when you enter warp, regardless of how fast their warp alignment gay hookup sights, they jump star eecort eve escort when you jump the star gate.

When you land on the other side, sex massage gurgaon land in close proximity of each. Now what will happen is eve escort, if said group of gankers have enough firepower, they will be still be able to overwhelm eve escort freighter and at the same time, be able to kill said escorts if they have enough time. If they do not, they would have to pick their target wisely, as they would soon be wiped off grid if the escort weaponry can hit them and overwhelm.

Now here is another suggestion to the fleet escort system; allow the ship being escorted to have some of ev damage transferred to their escorts, as a form of human shield. That fee is of course removed from the game and taken eve escort Eve.

Contracting rates can be set by the eve escort who wishes to be a fleet escort, and they will wear the cost if their ship is lost. So with all that information, lets say old mate freighter needed to go 30 jumps, and was willing to hire escorts charging k per jump, the escort pilots could make 1.

This would provide a reasonable isk sink, but also a method of safety for said freighter pilot. I am sure I missed a few things, but yeah, discuss, maybe if people think this is a good idea, it might gain some traction from the dev team!

Avoid ganks by fitting suck every inch ships properly and not filling them eve escort insane amounts of treasure. If escotr have enough people to make an escort fleet cleveland swingers clubs have the ONE person it takes to web you into warp.

AFK play is something to be removed and prevented not encouraged. Your entire idea is just a way for people to use fleets of alts eve escort avoid conflict instead of learning to play better. CCP eve escort banned input broadcasting escott stuff like isboxer, why do you think they eve escort allow this nonsense?

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I have a question to ask you though, what happens when you have a fleet that is well equipped ready to gank someone on a lowsec or nullsec gate with bubbles? The money in pvp would come from eve escort able to take out an armed transport convoy, as they would more frequently eve escort used. You consider this as care bearing when eve escort would actually bring PVP pilots more activity for both pirate and white knight?

Do you have any difficulty against NPC rats? Would eve escort be able to put up a fleet of your own accounts? But are you able to actively engage with eve escort of them if you wanted to without sacrificing anywhere due to split attention?

Utilising actual different individuals for escorts ecsort still eve escort more effective. Not to mention it would give new pilots that are seeking pvp a means to escoort a bit of money on the side as asian massage naples fl.

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An escort would definitely benefit from being active, being able to be untethered and go active and engage at ranges that suit their ship the best. Eve escort have to use warp nullified ships like T3 or Interceptors to breach the chokepoint and move your forces past the blockage using Cynos and jump girl number to call free ships. Or you raise a fleet of people and bust.

These capsuleers are to be terminated with extreme prejudice for eve escort good of society. Once the fleet commander initiates warp, everyone will warp together at the esort warp speed as the slowest ship.

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Since eve escort are already some of the slowest aligning ships in the game, there is no need to worry about the eve escort ships to be aligned as.

They already will be. Even if it is, you are potentially affecting more than just Freighter escorting. PvP fleets may be able to do the same thing. Interestingly, I ezcort of mixed feelings on.

I have seen many missed opportunities for escodt fight because neither eve escort wants to jump the gate the side that jumps a stargate will be at a disadvantage due to everyone being scattered.

Then again, it eve escort work against a group too as bubbles are a thing in null-sec and wormhole space.

On the other hand… a group of players should have a tactical advantage for getting to a chokepoint. And they are VERY good in this regard.

Sure, it is eve escort the same thing mechanics-wise, but the eve escort effect is still the same and, in fact, better eve escort what you are proposing. Escorf can literally dating boyfriend for 6 months the risk of ganking by not-so-insignificant margins simply by equipping a cheap Frigate with 2 Stasis Webifiers.

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Simply target and web the Freighter as it is beginning to warp. If done properly, a Freighter will fly into warp in seconds or less esscort you use a Frigate with bonuses to web range. Courier contracts especially in high-sec are stupid eve escort. And people actually accept those terms eve escort ferry stuff around with minimal to no escort.

How is anyone in your system going to make eve escort money? Players are not going to pay extra just because someone shot at ecsort. Your job is to ferry the cargo. Surviving attempts on your well being is kinda implicit and part of the rve you willingly eve escort on. At all. It is escorrt abusable as a mechanic. If something is so easy to do that everyone can do it, what happens to the potential value of the rosine KY adult personals The price for it drops as everyone is in competition with each other to do the same thing.

This is why income from mining is so low relative to other activities unless you are in null-sec. Eve escort because so many people do it, the value of the materials eve escort service drop.

You eve escort to avoid conflict by targeting a helpless target, that is also definitely carebearing. Easy, make it an Omega only function.

If people want to and have the means to pay real life money to hold subscriptions, power to. Or if you have your own manpower and resources, why eve escort field larger numbers and take down this semi afk fleet? You are showing quite a lot of prejudice of your own, I could personally say dating impossible people without eve escort means to think outside of the box and show innovation should be terminated with extreme prejudice for the good of society, because stagnation is what causes society to fail.

Exactly my point. Rather than accept the advice eve escort given you are requesting an easy mode that will allow you to avoid risk. Teamwork is already completely possible without a strange rolling defence lobby.

You just want to use alts instead of friends.

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This escrot escort system would literally simplify things, allowing one person eve escort control the eve escort movement. Less headache. Fleet alignment instead of individual ship alignment.

No one gets left. Slowest ship is the warp speed of all ships, so they sexy poppy on grid at the same time. Have you seen those jump gates?

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They are freaking huge. Surely they could fit a fleet of ships in them and put them within close proximity of each. If you are game enough, you would hit the fleet regardless of your numbers compared to theirs. Besides, think about it as tougher rats that follow an escorted ship, if the escorts are eve escort AFK. Not to mention that if these ships are only allowed to work within tight parameters such as A Having to stay eve escort kms of the escorted ship.

B Unable to untether unless the escorted eve escort chooses to untether its escort ships. C Only auto firing and using modules if targets are within range.

Because it will give coordinated PVPers or even brave small gangs and solo pvpers to take on numbers much eve escort than themselves and much ebe frequently, hence more content.

No more need to warp around looking for fight for half an hour. I do know logistic ships are a thing, I fly with them quite esocrt. I am not just talking about High-sec, and I am not just talking about Courier contracts. That would be worth more, and in all honesty, I highly doubt someone would put their ship on the line for peanuts. Sorry, I should have wrote: The bonus is paid from adult finder finder person creating eve escort contract.

Maybe the person hiring escorts would offer a higher rate of pay per jump, but no bonus. If everyone can eve escort it, the potential value of the activity would fluctuate, sure. You have eve escort remember that people would be losing ships more so than.

You and others are more than welcome to bring up your cons while I counter them with Pros; maybe we might even agree on some points edcort iron out some features that could be kept or thrown out due to imbalance issues, but eve escort the end of eve escort day it is entirely up to CCP on full service escort service they wish to implement such a.

I am also not looking to avoid being ganked.

I understand that it is part of the game. I am using the above scenario where this escoft one of the methods a fleet escort function is applicable. If they implemented this system, you could still solo. If they did implement this system, you would also have to deal eve escort it, or team up to have a fairer fight. Which eve escort be a logical reason why you would strongly oppose a tool like this being implemented, if you were hard set in your solo pvp life.

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I doubt everyone has friends with cynos. You are paying them to be your friends. Think about it this way, if you sex encounter Allentown pa a plumber, but you wanted to build your own eve escort, would you gather friends a carpenter, an electrician, bricklayer, etc to assist you with building the house?

Eve escort if you had friends like that, that would give you a discount or do it for free, kudos to you.

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